cvr300eduneonweb1In 2006, the Clark County School District prepared for its 50th anniversary by gathering mementos to display. But when the
celebration ended, no one knew what to do with the material. Education in the Neon Shadow is the result of that collection.

No one could have predicted that a tiny outpost in the middle of the desert between Salt Lake City and southern California would become a world-renowned tourist destination. Nor could anyone have envisioned that only fifty years later over 300,000 children would attend school beneath the bright lights of the Las Vegas skyline. Yet both became reality.

Filled with photographs dating back to the earliest days in southern Nevada, Education in the Neon Shadow chronicles the birth and explosive growth of a school district in one of the most unique settings imaginable. Las Vegas, the twenty-fourhour adult destination for gambling, drinking, and extravagant shows, is right in the middle of the Clark County School District, responsible for educating hundreds of thousands of children and growing by more than ten thousand students a year.

The book recounts how dedicated educators and a determined school community are meeting the challenges of teaching school in the “entertainment capital of the world.”

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